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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Addicted !

I've been telling Jenny recently that I've become addicted to blogging. I keep processing a lot of events with the perspective of a blogger. Some times it bugs Jenny !!
What can I share with others ?
  • Famous captions, funny one-liners, Understated pics.
  • Anything meaningful and informative that can help others.
  • Stuff I can write-up in order to be used later.
  • Maybe thoughts that my family & friends can appreciate. 
The only explanation that I have at this moment is that writing is addictive or blogging is ?

I'm hardly bothered by the audience that reads the content. It just helps me write better if I know its getting published on the web.

The one motivation that I have is the simple post from 2007 on Howto apply for an International Drivers Permit in Pune.

The article was written in a fit to help other drivers and since one did not exist with complete information on how to get it done yourself.

The helplessness I felt at the hands of the Driving school folks can only be emphasized by writing a good article.

Here's to assert the need for everyday bloggers who can help pass-on valuable know-how !! 

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