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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Howto apply for International Drivers Permit in Pune

Dear Drivers,

Having experienced the process of applying for an International Drivers Permit or IDP as its called at Pune RTO, thought of giving all of you a first hand account of the same.

Some rules to follow for attaining your IDP :
  1. Do not go through a driving school (They charge you Rs1200 when it costs only Rs.500)
  2. Do not be lazy and try the easy way out at all cost.
  3. Please help the RTO by getting the required documents (explained below)
  4. Plan ahead and dont reveal your date of travel to anyone at the RTO.
Documents Required :
  1. 4 Photographs
  2. Photocopy (Xerox) of Passport(Address page,Photo ID & Visa pages)
  3. Photocopy of License (Photo Id and Address)
  4. Medical Certificate (got mine from a bloke at Pune RTO for Rs.50)
  5. Cash Rs.500 as Payment for IDP (All Forms are free).
  6. Also carry the originals - Passport and License.
  7. Ticket is not necessary. In case they ask you can tell them its on Waiting List.
Some Issues you may face :
  1. The address on the Passport and License are not the same (dont fret)
  2. The Passport may have Mumbai address and License may have Pune address (still dont fret)
Steps to get the License :
  1. Drive to the RTO with the documents and the form filled if you got it earlier.
  2. Be sure to go early to get the Officials when they are active.
  3. Submit it in the main office of RTO (ask around for the IDP section).
  4. Get the Form verified by the Bada Sahab (They actually check your face and the faces on the passport and license you carry with you).
  5. Dont give your documents to anyone unless they are sitting at a desk and look bored.
  6. Make the payment (Rs. 500 circa 2007 BC.) at the Counter (No. 24 when I went 10 days back).
  7. Collect your IDP after a day and Voila you are done.
Form Downloads (Updated Dec 2012) :
  1. 4A --
  2. 1A --

Disclaimer : In case you have any issues at the RTO please, dont hold me accountable for headaches,brain damage or other mental injuries.

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  1. Thank you for the information. I appreciate you taking the pain list such process out. Thanks buddy :)

  2. Thanks buddy. Great post. Keep it up with many more!!!

  3. Did they take any test? I found application form for IDP in RTO Pune website:

    Did you fill the same?

  4. No test conducted by the department when I applied for the IDP. You should have a permanent license to be eligible for the application. It should be the form. Been some time cant be very certain.

  5. Thanks a lot, nice and helpful post

  6. I have my passport and driving license both issued from Nagpur. Can I apply for IDP at Pune RTO?

  7. 26 July 2011

    1. Copy of driving license
    2. Copy of first page and last page of passport.
    3. Copy of visa
    4. Carry all originals
    5. Medical form 1A
    6. Application form 4A (download from rto pune site)
    7. 4 photos (1 on medical form, 1 pasted on application, 2 attached in plastic pouch to form)


    1. Show originals to Assistant RTO in C block and get approval.
    2. Get documents checked by clerk in C block and obtain IDP license number.
    3. Pay RS. 500 on counter 24 (Note: this is not the window marked for IDP)
    4. Go back to clerk to submit documents
    5. Collect the license the next day.

  8. Thanks for the info buddy. It was very helpful indeed.

    A small piece of information that I'll like to add - You shall go to the old RTO (the one near Shivajinagar) cuz I first went to the new RTO at Vishrantwadi (as I had gotten my Driver's License issued from there) to be redirected to the old RTO.

    Moreover, you can download the forms 4A (for IDP) and 1A (for Medical Fitness) and fill them on your own instead of going there and asking them for the forms and filling them over there.

    The links are

    4A --

    1A --

    Pune RTO site is down as of now. So these links may come handy.

    Rest all follows as the above posts say.


  9. Excellent Info.. Thanks buddy.

  10. Excellent Info.. thanks buddy..

  11. One more thing: Both the driving license and the passport should be issued in Maharashtra. If not, you need to make an affidavit (on a Rs.100/- stamp paper) stating that you will apply for a change of address on your passport/D.L. and submit the original with the other documents.

  12. The information is very helpful. Just have 1 question though. My address on my license is of aundh and the one on passport is kothrud. Will i have to make an affadavit for that ?


    1. Hi Renu, any luck with the above question? My Drivind license has Prabhat Road address and the Passport has Kothrud address.

    2. Hi Renu,

      Do you have a response to your above query? I also have two different addresses on my passport and license (both addresses of Pune). Can I get the International Driving license?


  13. This is really helpful..

    Any idea how to find a list of countries where the international license is valid?

  14. I have a do we need to have visa in our hands before this procedure?

  15. Thank you for the info.
    I have few queries.
    My passport is issued in Rajasthan and License in Maharashtra will it cause any issue?
    Also, my VISA is on arrival, so how can manage without a VISA now?

  16. My address on license and passport are different. Please advice what should be done. Both the document are issued in Maharashtra. License in Pune and passport in Nagpur.

  17. Address on license and passport are different. Please advice what should be done for IDP issuance. Adress on license is of pune but of nagpur on the passport.

  18. Thank you! Really appreciate your help!

  19. Hey.. my driving licence is of Delhi and passport has address of Mumbai. .. can i get international driving licence issued in Delhi and still drive abroad? Please help...

  20. Relieved off........hectic process I was thinking to be.Good job done.Going to follow your guidelines and will comment thereafter.

  21. Hi.. Very helpful post.. submitted my IDP application today.. As per your post and it was perfect and had no problems..

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