Thinking Caps

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Email Etiquette

My aunt asked me what does EOM on a subject line
mean and I ended up sending her a link on Email Etiquette.

She's a professional and surely knows about etiquettes
on email, but had never used it around that much since
its not used properly in certain circles.

A lesson learned : I have not read up on the email nuances
much , but its become a habit after having seen / written thousands
of email .

Kind of second nature that you dont realize how
you acquired it. Maybe someone sent me such a mail and it
made sense.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Deep Satisfaction

Proof again that sharing technology is exciting.
Its a truely rewarding experience when the candidate
understands and appreciates the value of knowledge.

Todays experience with Fr. Ernest has helped me
understand how exciting the teaching profession
can be, provided you have a good pupil. 

You definitely learn when you ...
1. RTFM (Read The Frigging Manual)
2. Experiment Yourself
3. Explain How Stuff Works
4. Demo or Show Off
5. Write Docs

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Interesting Weblogs

Python Desktop Server Weblog is a tool that competes with
Radio Userland. Interesting to note the usefulness of Blogs and Portals.

Having a tool like Manila and Radio Userland , shows the typical usefulness
of having an easy to use interface. It should not be surprising that this tool
was first made available for the Mac users. (sample account)

An intutive and intelligent tool makes the web experience meaningful.
We have to worry about the content and nothing more.
Adding usefulness comes in the form of plugins once the basic UI is given
to a platform.

Truely enjoyed the inventiveness of the Edit feature.
Wiki Tools are a huge success due to the easy to edit feature which in
turn gives the ease of use paradigm for collaboration a 100% success rate.

Content Management

Analysing a few content management / Portal solutions for a Project.

There is more than one good solution to choose from :

A. Plone / Zope
B. Drupal
C. Wiki (Twiki , Media Wiki .. )
D. PostNuke
E. ACS from ArsDigita
F. Mason
H. Mambo

Viva La Open Source.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Startups Are Fun

Paul Grahams HOWTO on startups.
Interestring reading for anyone who loves Pauls writing.

Onfolio takes RSS , Blogs etc to another level by giving a browser
embedded client.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Tsunami : Tidal Waves

Supermans Comics has a very quaint reference
to the terrible destructive powers of tidal waves and earth quakes.

He says that " Earth quakes and Tidal waves might easily maim and kill more people
than all of World War II" .

This is in context to boosting his self image as one
who protects Earth from deadly acts of nature.

Reminds one of the recent Tsunami near Thailand.
If only there were a Superman to save people from such disasters.

Monday, March 7, 2005

IT Conversations

Its notable how audio can transport you to another world.
Probably not in the same league as video though .

Take a look at IT Conversations and get to
hear some notable programmers, inventors & visionaries talk about some interesting things ..

The site streams interviews with people like Paul Graham , Steve Wozniak, Tim O'reilly,
Philip Greenspun , to name a few. There are categories like Open Source and Mac OS X
and some Geek radio streaming which keeps you entertained.


Point your browser to and understand
some of the dilemas of a super hero.

Makes some pretty interesting reading on a long boring night (Yawn).

Sunday, March 6, 2005

HOWTO be a successful husband

Here is something that relates to various emotions
found in marraige and how to deal with it.

Adrain also has more available on a CD for those hungry for more WORD on this issue.
He gives a biblical value based teaching on understanding the role of taking
on the leadership in marraige.

Every spouse should know a few guiding principles before they immerse themselves
in the sea of marraige. We can never forsee what lies beneath the surface until
we face the storms ourselves.

When we have a firm grounding on principles that keep us sane, we can
walk on the waters like a puddle on rainy day.

(A HOWTO on being a successful husband sounds too good a Title.)