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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Email Etiquette

My aunt asked me what does EOM on a subject line
mean and I ended up sending her a link on Email Etiquette.

She's a professional and surely knows about etiquettes
on email, but had never used it around that much since
its not used properly in certain circles.

A lesson learned : I have not read up on the email nuances
much , but its become a habit after having seen / written thousands
of email .

Kind of second nature that you dont realize how
you acquired it. Maybe someone sent me such a mail and it
made sense.

1 comment:

  1. I dont beyond question know what you talking relative to propriety here. This cant be the only personality to suppose about this can it? It appears like you take it a quantities, so why not inquire it more? Make it more at hand to everybody else who might not agree with you? Youd insinuate a lot more individuals behind this should you honest stopped making usual statements.