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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Robotic Thoughts - Prius with a Mind

CNET has an article on a Robotic Prius that drove around SF on 16th September. When the computer revolution began I was in school, when the Pda revolution began I was in college, during the internet revolution I graduated and began professional work. Now when I see a lot of touch interfaces on mobile devices with sdks, I feel like I'm experiencing another cool revolution.

The Priotic (Prius Robot) testing has been published approximately the same time that I watched the movie "Stealth" (an old movie) and the release of Siri Personal Assistant on the iPhone 4S.
  • Stealth : which discusses the concept of an AI based Airforce jet which downloads all the music from the internet and can calculate the best possible attack scenario while locating terrorists in Rangoon.
  • Siri : which was orginally a defence sector project now a division in Apple after acquisition. Its a smart digital assistant that can give you so many answers in as short time with the greatest accuracy as possible. It can help you take really smart decisions yourself.
  • Prius Robot : The unmanned car using precision grids - Maps+GPS+Infra to navigate the streets is still in prototype stage and yet a huge hit in the futuristic concept car category.

Imagine Yet another sdk for the Motor vehicle industry that developers can write cool apps for similar to the mobile sdk ? when do you think that will happen. When will the car become your companion and help you take logical decisions like Stealth (the movie) & Siri (Personal assistant in iPhone 4S) ? Just thought of Kit from Knight Rider series ...

There is much buzz about the iTV being developed by Apple which could create another revolution. What are the possibilities ? We need more R-brained folks to help us envision a more exciting future.