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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Monsoon Wedding

Rains have begun in Pune and its given me a mood to write something. Suddenly it struck me why not try fropper. Writing about yourself is fun, whats even more fun is entertaining someone through it. 

Hope you find my writing entertaining. Writing can be a stress buster and with the showers turned on, my resolution is to write and be released from any indoor boredom. 

One of my resolutions is to get a digicam - the lowest budget type and fill pictures between every paragraph. A picture speaks a thousand words right ? Started growing plants in my terrace, yes I fortunately live in a 3rd floor apt. which has a beautiful terrace. 

The beauty has enhanced and has boosted my interest in plants. I look at trees on either side of the road while driving. Yes, its like falling in love with cars or girls. 

I've taken a fancy to bonsai tree culture, which is a dwarfed version of the actual tree or plant. I fell in love with this after visiting Jagap Nursery (at poolgate, near golibar maidan ,pune). 

Again, the void of a picture is being felt here. After speaking to the person growing these bonsai trees , I've got this desire to grow trees for at least 30 years i.e. the bonsai version. 

To top it all , after a couple of posts, I hope I have the desire to write about it too 

First Posted Here 

Integration with Google Pages

Have created a domain and am trying to integrate with my blog account.

Unfortunately, the earlier blog - - is inaccessable ; the common issue - forgot the password. Clicked the forgot password link and it seems to have mailed it to another ealier domain created 3 years back.

How to reclaim this blog account is a question which needs serious thinking.
Till then here lets kickstart with my loud thinking blog.

Why this name "My Loud Thinking" ?
Acutally it came by as a joke, where I managed to spill out some of my thoughts and
called it Loud Thinking or Slip of Toungue .