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Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Treak at Lohagad

A bunch of us drove to Malouli railway station which is close to Lonavla. On the way we made a memorable stop at Sher-e-punjab for breakfast. The stop appears a few kms after Hinjewadi Bridge (a highway resturant & bar ).

The travel time to the village at the foothills (Bajra) of Lohagad was approximately 1:45 mins (including our pitstop). As soon as we parked our vehicles at Bajra, we attacked the first waterfall with full enthusiasm. Reminds me of the trip to the waterfalls at Chennai border. We made the trip after our first Intranet launch.

Scaling the waterfall was fun, considering my shoes kept slipping on the rocks (Note:Wear shoes with strong grip). Arif,Kiran, Ravi and Rohan all managed their first rush of adrenalin. By Gods grace, We managed to climb up and down 2 floors like pros i.e. s/w pros.

Pics are coming soon ...  (Courtesy Ravi,Vinod,Kiran)
The trek begins ... We are 11 nuts about to embark on a lifechanging experience.

< What happened during the trek ?  Watch for the next episode ... >

At last the trek is over , our lives are changed.

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