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Thursday, June 7, 2018


I happened to read an article yesterday @Psychology Today about the statistics of 'Loneliness'. It was interesting to note that the article interviewed a diverse group of people (including varying age + ethnicity + gender + accomplishments).

Anyone and anywhere could experience 'Loneliness' without having any socio-mental-or-other disorders. It's almost similar to 'Happiness', which could be experienced without having to undergo any radical joyous times. There will be moments of content-ness that could make you happy.

Our reaction could be to embrace 'Loneliness' like a monk or to tackle it like an athlete. Don't let yourself get drowned by it. You need to keep focused to never become overwhelmed by such feelings.

Things to do:
  1. Gratitude | Count your blessings
  2. Share | Talk to strangers 
  3. Love | Express kindness
  4. Exercise | Releases feel-good endorphins
  5. Enjoy | Treat yourself
Today, I came across another article related to suicide statistics here. The hard truth is that when we think of our problems as larger or more complex, it forces us to view our failure as final.

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