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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

TED Talks playlists

TED talk playlists that has something for everyone ...

I'd like to share how some of these talks helped me evolve. My rating against each talk based on the impact it had on my thinking.

Most Recommended TED Playlist:
  • How Schools Kill Creativity: 9
  • Underwater Astonishments
  • If I should have a daughter: 10
  • The best stats you've ever seen: 8
  • The danger of a single story
  • Free and cheap Wii remote hacks
  • The power of vulnerability: 9
  • We need to talk about an injustice
  • 3 warp-speed architecture tales
  • Your body language shapes who you are: 9
Ref: TED Talks Playlists

Note: This blog post would be evolving over time.

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