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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flash Mob

Flash Mob at Ohio State University

Other Flash Mob on Google Search Results. Its entertaining to watch the dance direction and co-ordination. Works well if you watch the dance from top view and actually are caught surprised.

A mob breaking into a dance during a monotonous daily rut really makes your day.
Another Flash Mob that was interesting from Persistent Systems 2012 Pulse Event (previous company).
Intially I'd used Flash Mob at the Pulse Event 2012 as the main video view, the more I see such events, I've noticed that the video capture & editing makes a great difference to a well choreographed mob. Switched to Ohio State Univ's version from 2010 which was a bit interesting & enjoyable. There are more such on google, so take your pick !!
Any flash mobs you liked recently ? 

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