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Monday, November 26, 2012

To be or not to be ..

To join or not to join Infosys, that is the million dollar question ! Getting through the technical interviews and the academic screening which I wondered if I would, actually was a breeze.

This got me thinking, that solving good engineering problems actually gets you to a level where you can be approached by companies like Infy no matter how bad your academics may have been.

Having worked with good people, I've come to terms with the fact that mediocre work will never get you far. The feeling of looking at a printed offer from Infy was in fact exhilarating!

Its been about a month since I received the offer from Infy and have resigned from my current company Vavni. But the letting go is tougher than I thought.

I've grown fond of dressing casually and not having to worry about formal procedures to get work done. Most of all, I've enjoyed using a mac & open internet for about 4 years now which has become addictive in nature.

Even more hard is the fact that I can analyze and implement projects in any of the latest technologies instead of having being stuck to darwin-ian languages/frameworks.

Other readings that have been interesting enablers ...

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